Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Small Talk ...

Coffee and conversations..........but hey! what do we talk about?? What would compel your rapt attention, entrall my audience, titillate the nerve cells, evoke passionate responses and yet be simple, casual and honest. Tough job in the times when emoticons have replaced emotions, texting is the new language and your cuppa lasts longer than your attention span! Advice flowed from all directions, I was told - ' Don't restrict your blog by making it topic centric'; 'don't generalise the blog, stick to a theme'; 'keep it simple, dahling,, that's what is in style'; 'if its simple, why would anybody wanna read it'.... phew!!!

Ok! There there! Lemme decide, I guess its final; I wanna have a travelogue ( travel is trending!!) of my own - make you visit all those exotic places I have been to, relive those picture perfect holiday moments, recreate the romance of foreign locales and exquisite destinations and take you aboard for a journey of a lifetime.

 But then, why can't I take you with me to places we can visit together; through time, through space...........through history, through culture. Let it be a tete-e-tete treading the entire gamut of this odyssey called life; the myriads of sojourns our mind undertakes, the quirky paths we choose and the mysteries we unravel. A travelogue it would be, but then how can a traveller, a nomad, a wanderer ever be restricted??!!

Welcome Aboard....